Remote Monitoring Technologies (RMT)

Biomed Healthtech now introduce Remote Monitoring Technologies (RMT) which is a new concept of Patient Monitoring designed to meet the demands of Modern Healthcare and thus reduce the Mortality Rate.


• Portable – Easy to carry and Faster Operation

• Precise Recording / Collection of the Patient’s Vital Data

• Motion Artifacts doesn’t hamper the recording of the data and Advanced DSP algorithms for noise removal on bumpy road

• Extreme reliability of operation even in case of adverse environmental conditions / infrastructure

• Reliable transmission of Patient’s Data to Doctor’s Phone via SMS

• Inbuilt screen to view patient / bed side panel

• Supports live consultations / tele-conferencing

• Open Platform compatible to any operating System

• Provision for patient history creation and management

• Integrates with existing medical-healthcare ecosystem

• Battery and Mains operation and 6+ hours battery life, It can be solar powered

• No infrastructure support expected from premises

Remote Cardiac Monitoring


• Rapid Diagnosis and fast intervention by the Doctor

• Patient’s condition can be viewed and proper evaluation about the condition can be made by the expert Doctor sitting at Remote place.

• Multiple doctors can evaluate the condition from a remote place

• Timely and proper treatment can be imparted at early stage thereby reducing the mortality rate.

• Less physical stress of unnecessary transfer

• Monetary Stress of relatives related to shifting of patients can be saved.

• Possibility of direct conversation with the doctors

• Data and Medical Records can be easily accessed as Remote monitoring offers Cloud Storage

• Chronic Disease Management and Complex health conditions can be detected at an early stage

• Proximity to home and community

• Reduced wait time to meet the doctor and decreased travel


• Doctor can access the data and condition of the patient through a mobile or a tablet if he is physically not near the patient.

• Live Streaming of patient data even on 2G networks

• Hospital can be ready in advance with a planned treatment for the patient hence Improvising Patient Care

• Helps to reduce the work load , Clinical Productivity Solution

• Operational Efficiency, Planning and Compliance

• Save Time and Resource as less travel due to RMT

• Real time visualization of Medical Parameters and Patient Health

• Patient Data can be retrieved from the Server

• Ability to Store images in this system and the same can be compared with new images in the follow up visit leading to proper analysis

• RM Visit with the help of technology is better than or as good as real patient Visit