HEINE designs and manufactures a full range of high quality primary examination instruments for various medical specialties. To see instruments, support materials, and information relevant to your needs, please choose a specialty below.

• Ophthalmology / Optometry, • General Medicine, • Dermatology, • Anesthesia, • Dental


Solutions for Ophthalmology from HEINE

Ophthalmology is one of the oldest medical sub-disciplines. References about the treatment of eye diseases can be found on stone slabs as old as 3600 years. Details about the structure of the eye, however, have only become known and have been used systematically since the introduction of the microscope in the 19th century.

Today, the choice between numerous ophthalmological instruments allows doctors to diagnose and treat eye diseases and functional disorders.

HEINE is specialized in the development and production of ophthalmological diagnostic instruments. Whether head-worn or hand-held – the entire HEINE product portfolio stands for highest quality in order to provide the earliest and most precise diagnosis.

Our instruments are used worldwide by eye specialists, optometrists, and orthoptists but also by general practitioners as well as pediatricians.

HEINE Ophthalmology Product Portfolio

• Direct Ophthalmoscopes

• Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

• Retinoscopes

• Hand-held Slit Lamps

• Retinometer

• Ophthalmic Examination Lamps



Solutions for General Medicine from HEINE

The general practitioner is the first point of contact for a number of symptoms of diseases. In some health care systems of this world, he is the one, who detects and analyses all diseases and if need be, transfers the patient to a specialist. The special challenge here is, to quickly detect and accurately diagnose illnesses of various medical disciplines.

The anamnesis is a very important basis for making a diagnosis. In addition, the health care professional needs high-performance, medical devices which support him in the best way when making a diagnosis. HEINE Optotechnik is looking back on many years of experience in developing and producing medical devices and offers a wide range of high-quality primary diagnostic instruments

HEINE General Medicine Product Portfolio

• Otoscope

• Dermatoscope

• Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscopes


Dermatology Solutions from HEINE

Dermatology is a branch of medicine concerned with diseases of the skin, hair and nails. But the spectrum of dermatological applications now also includes a number of aesthetic treatments. For a dermatologist or a general practitioner, an optimal illumination, best possible magnification and precise, sharp images are the most important requirements for a reliable diagnosis and a successful treatment.

The most important diagnosing instrument in dermatology is the Dermatoscope, also called reflected-light microscope. The early diagnosis of skin cancer is of particular importance and plays a substantial role to significantly increase healing chances. In our section “All about Dermatoscopy” you can find a guideline for skin cancer screening.

For many years now, HEINE has specialized in this area and has manufactured products that meet the highest demands.

HEINE Dermatology Product Portfolio

• Dermatoscope

• Headlight

• LED Examination Light